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George Hook presents 'The Right Hook', the flagship drivetime programme on Newstalk, Ireland's only independent national talk radio station daily from 4.30-7pm.

The show features news and current affairs analysis, together with regular popular features. The show is well known for Hook's opinionated style and the team frequently travel outside of the studio to locations throughout Ireland, and the world. From New York for Super Tuesday, Denver for the Democratic National Convention, to Washington D.C. for the election and inauguration of Barack Obama, George brings his voice to the airwaves every day.

The schedule for the show is quite diverse and varied - on Mondays at 5.30pm, George speaks to outspoken right-wing talk show host Michael Graham live from Boston, while at 6.30 he speaks to Jessica Kelly and Jonathan McCrea on all things technology.

Tuesday's show features varied guests on travel who speak about locations to visit all over the globe from Dublin to Dubrovnik. Wednesday is movie day - with Philip Molloy joining George in studio to talk about modern films, as well as classics. From 6.30pm on Thursdays Bill Hughes joins George to talk about Essential Songs for the Twentieth Century.

On Friday, 'The Friday Panel' convenes with George and other guests including Dr Kiera Kelly, Tara Duggan, Barry Kenny, Shane Coleman and Dave McIntryre talking about some of the lighter stories of the week, along with taking a look ahead to the weekend.

The Right Hook is the only show that has been presented since the start of Newstalk by the same presenter. The show is credited by Hook in his autobiography Time Added On with moulding him into the presenter he is today.


In 2005, George published an autobiography, "Time Added On". The book described his years involved in business and the failure of this career path.

In 2013, George released his second book, "This is Rugby" lauded as a unique look at the great game, from one of Ireland’s best-known rugby commentators.

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George Hook in his capacity as President for The Lords Taverners Ireland, a charity for disabled young people and those with special needs. Sport and recreation are essential to wellbeing and the ethos of the charity is to give 'a sporting chance' to those in need and with disabilities. This is achieved by focusing on two key areas and donating:

Minibuses, specially adapted where necessary.

Sports and recreational equipment.




Haven is an Irish NGO working to build sustainable communities in Haiti and geoprge has worked closely with them for a number of years and visited the island many times assiting in building houses with Iirish volunteers. He is a regular at their fund raising events here in Ireland.

Haven is working solely in Haiti to facilitate the provision of adequate water & sanitation, shelter and training and education solutions for vulnerable Haitians. Haven works in partnership with project participants and the Government of Haiti and includes community development at the core of all its work.

Launched in January 2009, Haven quickly moved from a house building charity to one providing emergency relief in the aftermath of the earthquake that took place in Haiti one year after its launch. This catastrophic event has shaped the Haven that exists today and the ongoing turmoil experienced by Haiti encourages Haven to regularly review activities, continually ensuring all efforts are focused and ultimately benefit the most vulnerable in Haiti.

Haven currently employs expatriate and local staff members who are based across Haiti on a full time basis. 

To date, Haven has also brought over 1,400 Irish volunteers to Haiti to assist with the building of houses through their Build It Week programme.

In 2011, Haven opened an office in the US. See Haven US for more.

Water and Sanitation

During the earthquake emergency response in January 2010, Haven became the second largest provider of latrines in camps in Port-au-Prince, directly impacting 88,000 people. In each of these camps Haven’s Community Development Workers and Hygiene Promotion Team delivered workshops on hygiene standards. Hygiene kits containing basic cleaning materials were also distributed in these camps. The Hygiene Team also trained 86 Community Mobilisers to motivate the community within the camps to maintain the facilities provided.


To date Haven has constructed, repaired and upgraded 2329 houses and shelters. Haven is seeking to engage more in construction training in Haiti in order to build the capacity of the Haitian workforce.

Training and Education

To date Haven has trained nearly 63,500 people in Hygiene Promotion and 733 in Construction. Workshops have been held in many areas including Gender, Domestic Violence and Self- Esteem, HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Democracy, Leadership and Conflict Resolution. These workshops trained nearly 3,000 people.


George is an Ambassador for Raynauds

Raynaud's & Scleroderma Ireland (RSI) is funded by the generosity of volunteers and sponsors. We work constantly to help sufferers manage their Raynaud's and any associated condition, especially Scleroderma. These are very challenging conditions and we assist people to live their lives as normally as possible. Raynaud's is a condition in which the flow of blood circulating to the fingers and toes is constricted in response to even moderate cold or stress, causing pain and numbness and preventing ordinary activities.

The word “scleroderma” comes from two Greek words: “sclero” meaning hard, and “derma” meaning skin. Excess collagen is laid down in the skin causing it to become hard, stiff and shiny and is very painful.

This is Rugby

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